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When you encounter her, a profound sense of peace washes over you. True to her name, Rubi embodies genuine care, ensuring that coaching sessions revolve entirely around you.
Finding out a little bit more about myself - peeling away the layers I have built around myself. It was  an eye opener, something one needs to hear, even if it was a bit sad. It is something I can work with.
From the moment you connect with Rubi, you experience a profound sense of safety and acceptance. You instinctively know she's the one you want by your side on your journey
She really walked alongside me and helped me identify the core motivations, fears and patterns of my behaviors. Her support was invaluable, as I embarked on my journey to heal and grow. The coaching experience proved immensely valuable.
Rubi's non-judgmental approach sets the stage for a robust engagement, inspiring both healing and growth
It was an online debriefing and it felt good that I could access it in the comfort of my own home.

Welcome to By Design Coaching and Consulting, guided by the principles of the RUBI Gem Framework. Here, we commit to journeying with you towards fulfillment. By reflecting, unveiling, building, and inspiring, we support you as you explore and overcome life's challenges and seize its opportunities. Together, we’ll unlock your potential and foster transformation at every step.

Discover the RUBI Gem Coaching Framework

Unlock the full spectrum of your potential with the RUBI Gem Coaching Framework. Our distinctive approach combines the wisdom of the 5 Lens Enneagram to offer a comprehensive understanding of your intrinsic motivations, behaviors, and relationships. Whether you're pursuing personal growth, career advancement, or enhanced relationships, the RUBI Gem Framework is crafted to illuminate your path.

With a focus on Reflective understanding, Unveiling insights, Building alignment, and Integrative action, the RUBI Gem Framework empowers you to:

  • Reflect on your personal journey with greater self-awareness.

  • Unveil deeper insights into your own nature and how you interact with the world.

  • Build strategies that align more closely with your goals and aspirations.

  • Integrate these insights and strategies to achieve a balanced and fulfilling life.

Expected Outcomes with RUBI Gem: Experience transformative growth and profound fulfillment as you navigate life's challenges with clarity and confidence. Our tailored approach ensures that you are supported every step of the way, enabling you to achieve and sustain your desired outcomes.

Step into your brilliance. Explore how the RUBI Gem Coaching Framework can help you shine!

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